Bits And Pieces

Bits And Pieces

Short Film

An orphanage girl is kidnapped by a mummy. They soon become friends and parting is such sweet sorrow.

Directed by: Justin R. Durban
Written by: Leah Weinberger

Created for the MonsterFest 09.

Official Entry – Fright Fest Film Festival
2nd Place Jury Panel @
3rd Place User Vote @
Honorable Mention @ Reel Women SXSW Showcase
2nd Audience Favorite @ Reel Women SXSW Showcase


View Film:

Aileen Davila as “LeeAnn”
David Collier as “The Mummy”
Nicholle Walton as “Florence”
Millabella Vasquez as Orphanage Girl
Mikayla Valle as Orphanage Girl
Maitea Valle as Orphanage Girl

Directed by: Justin R. Durban –
Written by: Leah Weinberger
Director of Photography: John Hafner
Make Up: Jessica Isam
Production Designer: James McMahan
Main Title Design: Jonathan Grubbs
Set Photographer: Dale Kennemer
UPM: Sush Parmar
Set Owner: David L. Smith
PA: Elliot Cole
PA: Rochon Nicholas
PA: Reuel Meditz
Boom: H.Cherdon Bedford
Edited, VFX & SFX by: by: Justin R. Durban
Music Score by: Justin R. Durban
Sound Stage: David L. Smith – Elgin Texas
Produced by: Leah Weinberger, John Hafner, & Justin R. Durban –

Edgen Films in Association with Ocher Media



Stills from the Canon 7D – on the “Bits And Pieces” set:

(not necessarily from the film)





Part of our 1st set.. ended up scrapping it the next day. but, at least you can see how we set up the coke carton crates for the ceilings.

Aileen getting her ‘scar’

David Collier takes a break as John Hafner (DP) checks some stuff.

Jessica Isam applies makeup to David Collier

The Attic shoot. We just got the location right before setting up lights. so we were scrambling to figure it out.

John Hafner (DP), James McMahan (production designer), Elliot Cole (PA), & Jessica Isam (makeup) prepping the embalming scene.