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About Us

(Pronounced: edge – in)

Founded in 2010, Edgen Films is a full service production company and music house. We’ve worked with clients on a wide range of projects of all sizes. We’ll work to make your project a reality.

The creative team at Edgen Films provides our clients with the best service in the industry. Our crews are built with the skill sets you need to get your production done right. Pulling from a broad network of professional crew, we only hire the best.

Edgen films offers a full slate of services. From complete packages to services provided on an A la carte basis. We prepare a comprehensive budget for each project and manage the bottom line so you stay on budget.

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Edgen Films is committed to working with local non-profit groups. Our members have provided Pro-Bono production services to:


Edgen Films is an Austin based Full Service Production Company and Music House that produces studio quality work while maintaining the classic edgy, Indie-Austin spirit that the city is known for. Edgen advocates the Austin independent film, music and television industries, which we believe, is populated by talented, creative and hard-working people in the local region. At Edgen, we work to create and bring to life projects that will not only entertain, but also raise awareness and conversation on various social and human condition topics.  We take great care to develop relationships with other Industry professionals in Austin and beyond.  These carefully tended alliances have allowed Edgen Films to leverage skills and contacts into creating the highest quality projects.

"We all started from somewhere, so no matter how far we go, we should never forget where we came from. We want to give back and support the community that gives so much to us, and we do that by not only working with the industry leaders of today, but by helping foster the talent of tomorrow, be it young, aspiring talent, producers, designers, production crew, or writers."
~ Nicholle Walton-Durban


The Edgen team consists of husband and wife team, Justin R. Durban and Nicholle Walton Durban, and Leah Weinberger and they met within the very community they still work to foster and grow.

It all began many years ago with a young boy named Durban and a dream... well that is a story for another time, so let us start with; It all began in 2009 when Leah Weinberger wrote the script Bits and Pieces. This script was a winner of the 2009 Screenwriter of Austin Monsterfest Script Contest and is a product of the Austin Film Meet Monsterfest Pitch and Script Matchup. Leah and Justin met through the Pitch and Script Matchup.   Leah produced, Justin directed and Nicholle offered her performing talent. Bits and Pieces also won Second Place in DVXUser.com's Monsterfest competition. It was at this point that the trio knew they were on to something. Talks began about joining there respective talents and "officially" setting up shop in Austin.

Their next collaboration was the Script RACK.  Justin, Nicholle and Leah solidified their association by going on to write, produce, and direct this project for the prestigious Doorpost Film Festival.  RACK was a winner in the January 2010 Top 20 Finalist Films at Doorpost Film Project. Edgen Films, LLC was formed that February.

It was not long after that people started to take note of this unique team's great creative talents and highly skilled business sense. Working with another local production company, D7 Studios, the trio once again found themselves working together on THE CURSE OF BABYLON. Nicholle would act as Producer, Leah as Associate Producer, and Justin as Art Director and Film Composer. The film has been highly received and is in current distribution talks with multiple territories.

There passion to foster, educate and work within their community would continue to expand over the coming years. In 2011 the team would work with indieBEST, a charitable organization formed in response to the Bastrop Wildfires to help Artist struck by tragic events. 2012 the team would work together to support the Directorial debut of local, Texan Craig Nigh and his first project, BREAKING THE CURSE, proving once more the Edgen team has an eye for talent, a head for pulling it all together, and a heart for their fellow Artists. 2014 will see the Company's expansion into more Production Services, including Commercials and the Edgen Family Films for a Cause, kicked off with the production and release of SPIRIT RIDERS.  A Distribution outlet for their films and the films of other Independent Film Makers would open up with the formation of GLOBAL 3 MEDIA, and the team would partner with Casting Director Karen Hallford to form 4Reelz School of Film, a year round Film School for Kids and Adults that focuses on educating students in the Creative, Technical, Business, and Networking aspects of the Film Industry.

 The Edgen team continues to forge forward with their successes and seeks to set and reach the higher bar with every step the company takes. With multiple projects in development and working with other great talents, Edgen believes in art that will challenge, inspire, and entertain.