Script Development & Consulting

Every great film starts with a script...


From concept to worldwide distribution, the Edgen Films team is here for you.

Through our consulting services, we can apply our experience to your projects. We offer a variety of options, competitively priced to deliver the one-on-one advice you have been looking for. 

Our Services Include:

  • Script / Film Cut Notes
    Our team will look at your material and provide honest, written notes to help you polish your product.
  • One-on-One Meetings
    Meet one-on-one with Edgen Films. We’ll watch your rough cut with you to give hands-on help, discuss detailed script notes, or talk about budgeting, marketing, distribution, business models, visual effects, or casting. Whatever help you need, our team can meet your needs. 
  • Project Assistance
    Sometimes a project needs more than advice. Edgen Films can help by creating budget estimates or business plans, cleaning up scripts, visiting sets, or providing one-on-one training. Please inquire for details and pricing.

For information or estimates for your consulting needs please contact us.

*Treatments may be up to 12 pages, scripts up to 110 pages, and rough cuts up to 120minutes. Additional fees will apply to longer work. All payments due in advance to work.