A Bobby Sargent Film


Cody Hollister, a young man with a dream, gets caught up in a joyride gone horribly bad after the car in which he rode kills a cop. Framed by his local Sheriff, Cody is sent to prison for a several years, but gets a break six years later, due to overcrowding and is released on probation. A brutal killer for whom Cody created problems is also released on a technicality, and vows to even the score with Cody.

Filled with frustration but eager to get a fresh start, Cody finds the local Sheriff hasn’t forgotten and is determined to make his life a living hell and send him back to prison.  Cody’s sister, Ashley, and her long standing boyfriend, Billy, seem to be the only two people who are not afraid of Cody, and who still believe in the goodness in him, as Cody is repeatedly turned down for all the jobs he applies. But even in the worst of times, Cody finds hope in the form of Becky Thompson, a tomboy mechanic with as big a love for motorcycles as Cody’s.  Becky slowly helps Cody to come back to life, to let go of the bitterness, and to have hope.

Just as Cody’s luck seems to be changing, unexplained murders take place around the small town, bringing the ever watchful Sheriff to Cody’s door, once again leaving our hero is the darkest place he could ever imagine.  With Ashley’s help, Cody resumes his struggle until the vicious killer from prison tries to take him and his sister out during a chase full of twists, turns and a staggering revelation about their past, a revelation which may be the last thing they learn.