The Bitch & The Jew


The Bitch & The Jew

"The Bitch & The Jew", is a podcast produced by Edgen Films that focuses on Female Entrepreneurs. We seek to inspire and challenge people of all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, etc.... to OWN who they are and what they want to BE!!

Hosted by Nicholle Walton-Durban / CEO of Edgen Films and Leah Weinberger / CBDO of Edgen Films, the show is a call for our audience to break away from the molds and labels society likes to place upon us (hence the title), and to stand up, take action, and create the life THEY have always desired. We want our audience to understand that perception truly is reality, so be bold enough to live the dream they want their life to be! 

We invite guests who embody this mission and want to share their stories, their struggles, their successes and failures with the world; Guests who may just be the voice, the words, the encouragement, the inspiration that one listener needed to hear today to take that first step in their chosen direction! Manifesting dreams requires sweat, sacrifice, a lot of tears, and a few good glasses of wine (or scotch). So join us, as we raise a glass, share some stories, and create a community of support for anyone who dares to be bold!

Executive Producers: Nicholle Walton-Durban & Leah Weinberger
Creative Producers: Reagan Mustard & Andrea Silvas
Artistic Director: Dan Calderone
Technical Director: Jesus Alex Santos
Editor: Alan Frytag
Audio / Mix / Sound Supervisor: Taylor Calk
Sound Design & Music: Ray (Syx Synce) Price
Theme Song by: Ray (Syx Synce) Price, Mika & Regan Mustard
Special Thanks: Justin R. Durban, Karen Hallford, Eduardo Tobias, Wayo Benavides