Justin R Durban

Justin R. Durban

Chief Creative Officer / Director / Film Composer / Dad
Justin R. Durban is an Artist.

Justin’s strong desire to work on anything involving film led him make his own movies. To find the right soundtrack to his little films, he learned to play the keyboard, found some music software, and begin to write and score his own music for his own movie projects. Hundreds of tracks later, he gained recognition by giving away his music to anyone that found a place for it within their films. This was accomplished through the online entity called, “Edgen” ( edge - n). This working partnership and “Pay it Forward” thinking with filmmakers lead to a growing body of work that has spanned the globe and grown tremendously over the years.

His music can best be described as “Upliftingly Dark” Cinematic Film Music with Epic Intimacy. He plays by ear but the music ultimately resonates through his heart.

He currently resides in Austin, TX with his wife, Nicholle and his kids further pursuing his film-making and film scoring career.

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