C. Thomas Howell signs up to fight Bigfoot Wars

C. Thomas Howell signs up to fight Bigfoot Wars


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Jul. 29, 2013by: Kevin Woods

Last month we shared the news that Origin Releasing had picked up the motion picture rights to "Bigfoot War", the literary series by science fiction author Eric S. Brown inspired by the legend of a monstrous Bigfoot type primate living in and around Boggy Creek, with the action-packed creature feature to be titled BIGFOOT WARS. Today we have word on casting on the Brian Jaynes (HUMANS VS. ZOMBIES) helmed flick, with THE HITCHER star C. Thomas Howell toplining.

Howell joins Danny Boaz, Juli Erickson, Frederic Doss, Holt Boggs, Elyse Bigler, Taylor Weaver, Jackey Hall, Mindy Raymond, Carl Savering, Billy Blair, Larry Jack Dotson, Monica Harmse, Chandler Allen and Audrey Ellis Fox. The screenplay duties are handled by Andrea Doss, Frederic Doss, and Jacob Mauldin.

Edgen Films and D Zone Films are producing.

Here's the synopsis for the book "Bigfoot War":

Jeff Taylor was an ordinary boy growing up in the small town of Babble Creek, North Carolina, until one night his life was changed forever when a Sasquatch brutally murdered his family. Taylor fled the town, hoping to leave the painful memory behind. Years later, after two tours of duty in the Iraq War, he's back in Babble Creek seeking vengeance. Taylor's lust for the blood of the monster that slew his family sets in motion a series of events that soon has the entire town fighting for its life as a tribe of Sasquatches descend from the forests and hills into Babble Creek to declare war upon its citizens. Babble Creek is about to find out Bigfoot is very real and there's more than one of the creatures that want to fill the streets with blood… Cameras begin rolling mid-August and the film is set for an early 2014 premiere. You can learn more about BIGFOOT WARS on Facebook right HERE. – See more at: http://www.joblo.com/horror-movies/news/c-thomas-howell-signs-up-to-fight-bigfoot-wars#sthash.PmORNega.dpuf


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